We’re a team of waste warriors, on a mission to get those trash cans empty. We’re armed with reusable solutions and shoot at all things disposable. Our energy comes from pioneers that are joining us and making the switch. The future is reusable. Less is now.

Billie cup around the cities

Why did we create Billie Cup ?

Billie Cup is founded by two environmental activists who dream about a cleaner planet. Vanessa and Ineke drank from reusable cups with a deposit at the first wastefree festivals. What if we had a system like this for daily take away? They designed a beautiful cup and called it Billie. Small but brave enough to replace all disposable cups.

Billie Cup & Ecocup : a common commitment to reduce waste

Ecocup is our partner in cups, helpings events to serve their drinks without making waste. From big sports events and festivals to small student party’s and christmas markets, we can do it all. Whatever you’re drinking (wine, cocktails, soft drinks or beer), we’ve got the cups to get the party started.

Bille Cup : part of the Re-uz family

Re-Uz is the European project to which Billie Cup and Ecocup belong. It’s a full range of reusable solutions for everyday use and events, from simple systems to high-tech innovations. All cups and bowls are designed and produced in France. The network is active in more than 10 European countries. Our motto: Less is now!