It’s true, we love coffee. And we also love cold beers, cute babies, green parks, and travelling. But above all, we love our planet. We are thinkers and doers, who don’t accept shoulder shrugs or no for an answer. We are change makers and shakers, who are always up for a new challenge. What drives us most is coming up with solutions that will make everyone better off, especially our planet.
We met a year ago on a terrace. Vanessa as the practical manager of the Plastic Attacks and Ineke as the co-founder of Mei Plasticvrij. Two drinks and a high five later, we came up with an idea: “What if we worked together on a real and practical solution against disposable cups?”. And so, our new loved baby was born, and we called her “Billie Cup” (don’t worry dear kids, we love you too, mucho mucho!).

The Founders

Ineke Van Nieuwenhove

Girlboss, daredevil, and yoga teacher! Cool combo, right? Ineke has done things that are out of the ordinary, like making a music video about customised panties or dancing dry water ballet (don’t ask). But she also holds a very important place in her heart for our planet and its oceans. She believes disposable packaging does not belong in a beautiful world like ours. Reuse is the only way to go. Her motto: “I don’t need easy. I just need possible.” (Soul Surfer)

Vanessa Debruyne

Zero waste activist and cheerful pastor of the waste-free gospel. She’s always full of energy, so we think she fell into a cauldron of magic potion as a child. “Nothing in moderation and when in doubt, always say yes”. That’s her motto. She has a soft spot for British humor, perfect sentences and beautiful songs that do last forever.

Mei Plasticvrij

Each May Mei Plasticvrij gives tips and tricks to help people reduce single use plastic in their lives. The awareness campaign launched in 2018, inspiring tens of thousands of people to participate. But it doesn’t stop there. We also actively dialogue with big companies, producers, retail and policymakers, asking them “So, what are you guys doing to solve the single use waste problem?”. For us it’s important everyone does their part to reduce single use plastic.. Let’s get out of the wasteful lifestyle we’re stuck in!

Part of the Recup Family

Recup is Billie Cup’s mother ship. In Germany, they are a great success and they have helped over 3000 locations across the country to get rid of disposable cups. They’ve helped us so much, with the production of our cups and solutions to issues we couldn’t even imagine when we started! Without them, Billie would not be here today. So, Danke schön to Recup!


Mei Plasticvrij

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