How much do the cups cost?

Nothing. You pay us € 1 per cup, but get it back from your customer who pays the € 1 deposit. This is therefore not a purchase but a deposit scheme.

Do I have to order cups in all sizes?

No. Our cups are available in three sizes: 0.2 l (cappuccino), 0.3 l (skyblue) and 0.4 l (cream). You choose the size(s) most suitable for your business.

N.B.: Even if you choose only one or two sizes, it is important to know that you must accept all sizes when people return their cups. This is the only way to make the deposit system work. The cups that you do not use/need will be collected from you free of charge from a minimum quantity of 100 units and we will refund you the corresponding deposit.

Are the cups available in other colours?

To keep the deposit system as recognisable as possible, our cup is only available in three colours: sky blue, cream and cappuccino.

As a partner, do I need to use the Billie Cup exclusively?

That would be great! The system works better if you only use Billie Cups, and the environmental impact will of course be a lot bigger. But we understand that you may want to opt for a transition period. Although we secretly hope that, thanks to Billie Cup, nobody will want to drink coffee from a disposable cup in one or two years' time…

How many cups should I order to start?

We recommend that you at least start with a Combi Package. Or even better: we suggest you look at the number of take-out coffees you sell every day. Then count your daily number x 10. This will ensure you will not run out of cups too quickly. That would be a pity for your Billie customers and would impact the running of our deposit system. Plus, you need to pay the shipping costs for every new order. So, make sure to calculate carefully the number of cups you order. Don't order too few! Most businesses start with 100 to 200 cups.

How many cups should I order as a minimum?

We have several options. Minimum quantities are:

Billie Cup 0.2 l - 75 units

Billie Cup 0.3 l - 75 units

Billie Cup 0.4 l - 75 units

Billie Cup Combi Package: 50 units 0.3 l - 50 units 0.4 l - 50 units 0.2 l

Can I reorder quickly?

Yes. We have sufficient stock to ensure fast delivery. Our minimum order quantities also apply when reordering. Upon receipt of your payment, it takes three to five working days, depending on your chosen payment method. Since your order will only be sent upon receipt of your payment, note that, if you choose to pay by bank transfer, it can take up to a week before we receive the funds. Worth keeping in mind!

What happens if I am left with a surplus of cups?

If more cups are returned to your business than leaving it, you can return cups to us for free as of a 100 and we repay you the deposit.

What if the cups are damaged from wear?

Being a partner gives you the option of swapping your cups with us at any time. In this case too: from 100 cups you can return them for free and you will receive the deposit back.

Can I rent the cups for events?

No. Our focus is on developing a national deposit system for daily use. We do not offer a separate rental service for events. Events mean a major effort, which we only want to make exceptionally if there is a direct link to our deposit system and potential partners. If you have any questions or suggestions on this subject, please send us an email to [email protected]

Do I have to accept damaged cups from my customers?

No, you are not required to refund the deposit on broken, damaged or heavily soiled cups returned to you. Please remove broken, damaged or aesthetically unsightly (e.g. logo no longer recognisable) cups from your inventory and return them to us for recycling.

What if a customer wants to return 50 Billie Cups or more, for example?

Hmmm… This might indicate that the cups were stolen or used at events. Please, let us know. As a partner, you are not obliged to accept more than 20 Billie Cups at the same time.

How do I tell my customers about Billie? Is there promotion material?

We will send you, together with your first order, POS material showing your customers that you are serving beverages in Billie Cups.

How do I clean the cups?

Our cups are suitable for domestic and commercial dishwashers, as well as for hand washing. Keep in mind that you are responsible for maintaining hygiene standards.

As a partner, do I have to give a discount to customers who ask for a Billie cup?

No. Yet, it can be an incentive for your customers to opt for reusable cups. You can also impose a supplement on a disposable cup, but then again, this is up to you.

Are there lids for the cups?

Yes. Our reusable lids have a diameter of 85 mm and fit perfectly on all three cup sizes 0.2 l, 0.3 l and 0.4 l. To ensure impeccable hygiene, the reusable lid – unlike the cups – is not part of the deposit system.

Why is the reusable lid not in the deposit system?

Unlike a cup with a smooth surface, a lid with grooves and edges is difficult to clean and dry. For reasons of hygiene, customers also prefer their own lid. Our lids are also made of PP and can be cleaned in an ordinary dishwasher.

How much do lids cost?

We sell you the lids for 1 euro excluding VAT. The minimum order quantity is 100 units: one colour or 25 pieces of each colour (sky blue, cappuccino, cream and berry red). We advise our partners to sell them to the customer at € 1.50, including VAT.

Can I have my logo printed on the cups?

No. As we offer a neutral and independent system, branding is not provided on purpose. You can have your logo printed on our lids with a minimum purchase of 1,000 units.

Can I buy your cups?

No. This would go against our mission to provide reusable cups with a deposit. Sorry!

Are there other Billie businesses in my area?

That's the plan: making Billie Cup available everywhere! All businesses are listed on our website.


How do I become a partner?

Send an email to [email protected]

What does being a partner cost?

As a partner you pay a service fee of € 1.5 per day (45 euros per month) and per location. It's the profit you make on two or three cappuccinos, how easy!

N.B.: Do you run a staff cafeteria/company restaurant? Contact us for a customised offer.

What are the contract conditions / notice periods?

You sign a contract for an indefinite period. You can cancel in writing or by email. The notice period is two (2) months. From 2020 we will work with quarterly invoices.

When will I receive my invoice?

You will receive your invoice by email (PDF) after you place your order.

I placed my order some time ago. Where's my package?

As long as we have not received your payment, your order will not be passed on to our logistics partner.


How long does a cup last?

Our manufacturer guarantees repeated use and wash of at least 500 times for each cup. In practice, we've noticed that even after using them 1000 times the cups are still intact. We take back cups that are damaged through wear and return them to our manufacturer for recycling.

Does the cup get hot?

Our cups do get warmer through heat transfer, but since they are better insulated than disposable cups, no sleeve is required.

Which material are the cups made of? Why plastic?

Our cups are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP). We thoroughly researched all possible materials. PP turned out to be the best choice for three reasons:

  • Service life: PP cups are unbreakable and can be washed with the highest frequency. They can therefore remain in our deposit system for a very long time.
  • Eco-friendliness: compared to other materials, PP performs best when it comes to life span, energy consumption in the manufacturing process and recyclability. Stainless steel, for example, is expensive to produce and therefore too expensive for a deposit system. Ceramic is breakable. And bamboo cups contain the plastic resin melamine, which makes them unrecyclable. Moreover, after 200 times they become less usable. This makes them a good option for personal use, but not for a large-scale deposit system.
  • Comfort: the cup is light, optimally stackable and taste neutral.

We are looking for alternative materials. Bioplastics, which have similar properties and are also suitable for a deposit system, are currently not an option because they are still not completely biodegradable and often can only be recycled in a high energy consumption process. As soon as we find a better option than PP, we will be happy to switch. We hope that there will be new and better materials in the future.

How can I wash the cups?

Our cups are dishwasher safe (including commercial dishwashers). We have successfully completed 1000 washing cycles at dishwasher manufacturers and recommend the following for optimum washing. Programme: glass washing - rinsing time: 110 seconds - temperature: 65°C - cleaner: F 420E (without active chlorine).  Due to their low weight, the cups may shift during the machine cycle. To stop the cups from 'flipping ', reduce the rinsing pressure to 60%. Alternatively, you can weigh the cups down before rinsing with a drying rack or grid.

What is the difference with the conventional reusable cup?

Unlike with other reusable cups, coffee drinkers find our cups where they order their coffee. In other words, they don't have to bring their cup from home. No need to purchase the Billie Cup either. Rather, they get to ‘use’ the Billie Cup for a € 1 deposit. Once they have drunk their coffee, they don't need to take their cups home and wash them. Instead, they can simply drop the cups in one of the participating businesses, where they will be washed and available for the next customer.


What is your business model?

We fund our operation through our service fee (€ 45 per month and location), paid to us by every partner. We don't earn any revenue from our cups. This was a conscious decision. Choosing to make money from our cups would imply that we would want to put as many cups as possible on the market. Yet, our goal is to build a stable deposit system based on as few cups as possible.

How do I reach the Billie team personally?

You can reach us by email during office hours.

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]